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Soap making workshop 100TL February 7th 3.30-6.30pm

In this workshop, I will show you how to make your own completely natural cold process soaps.
Together we will make a batch of soap so that you will see all aspects of the process of making cold process soap. You will also learn what natural soap is, a little about
the history of soap, safety, necessary tools and ingredients. You will also learn about
essential oils and botanicals for soapmaking as well as molds, cutting and drying.
You will get to take some cold process soap home with you.


Aromatherapy for babies and children 110TL February 14th 3.30-6.30pm

This workshop looks at using aromatherapy with babies and children. It explores which oils can be safely used and how to use them with babies and children. We will also look at aromatherapy as a remedy for common childhood illnesses and using it in first aid situations.


Kid's yoga in English (3-8 years)

Sundays 11.15-12.15 40tl or 150tl for 4 classes


Yoga is an ancient system for health and wellbeing and is especially known for building awareness, strength, alignment and flexibility but also to creating peace of mind, improving relaxation and concentration. Yoga for kids has these benefits but adds fun to the picture. The emphasis is not on correct posture in the poses, but having fun while doing them. Thus, the addition of games, singing, storytime and even dancing. The children have fun while they develop strength, coordination, flexibility and concentration. The classes are always planned to some extent, but sometimes have to be spontaneous according to the mood and needs of the children.


In addition to the benefits written above, yoga can help children develop confidence, self-esteem and emotional strength. It also helps achieve a balance between body and mind, increases sensory awareness, self-discipline and control and helps decrease stress. The wonderful thing about yoga for children, unlike many other sports and activities, is that it is non-competitive and allows children to develop an awareness of their body and their own limits.


Studies have found that yoga for children in the long term can reduce symptoms of asthma and ADHD, increase hand grip strength, promote healthy development, increase energy and increase the ability to self-calm. Some studies even show that it helps them to choose better food, and engage in more physical activity in comparison to children who do not do yoga.


Children's yoga classes at momma-zen are for 3-7 year old children. There is a maximum of 8 children. Children participate by themselves. Parents drop their children off (even the 3 year olds). The classes are 60 minutes long and includes yoga poses, games, massage, songs and a story during quiet time.  The class aims to increase your child’s exposure to English  while having fun and being physically active. Your child should be able to understand some English but it is possible that English is his/her mother tongue.

Massage workshops- massage for children 45TL March 16th 1-2.30pm

These workshops are for people to learn the skills to massage. They show basic massage techniques and explain how massage is beneficial. They aim to instill confidence in your natural ability to massage. The price is per child (both parents can attend), please bring your child, as this workshop will be practical.

Baby yogasaj 40TL per class or 150TL for 4 classes, Wednesdays 10.15-11.30am

This class is a combination of baby yoga and baby massage coupled with basic yoga and relaxation for mum (or dad or carer). Please see the full description here.



Baby massage 55TL February 25th 10.30-12pm

In this workshop, you will learn how to massage your baby. You baby may be any age up to near crawling or you may come with a doll to practice on if you are pregnant. You will learn a complete routine for newborn babies or a routine for older babies. There is also a more advanced workshop for increasing immunity, dealing with colic and illnesses. Please see the full description here.


HypnoBirthing  550TL (+KDV) (5 classes) March 7 to April 4th 3.30-6pm

This class is made up of 5 sessions so as to learn and practice the techniques necessary for a comfortable birth. This class is also available as a priavte class. See here for more information about the class content.

Aromatherapy in pregnancy and birth 125TL TBA

This workshop is an introduction to the use of aromatherapy and essentail oils during pregnancy and birth. You will learn how aromatherapy can be useful during this stage of a woman's life. You will learn which oils to use for which conditions and how to use them. This workshop is useful to all pregnant women and people who work with women who give birth, inlcuding doulas, midwives and doctors.

Massage in birth  70TL TBA

This workshop is for pregnant women and their partners and also those who support women in birth. In this workshop you will learn how to massage the mother to be in order to make the birth experience a comfortable, calm and satisfying one. You will also learn about various acupressure points; these include those that help to initiate the birth and help the surges become efficient.

Active birth TBA

This workshop teaches mothers-to-be and their partners how to have an active birth and what that means. It teaches positions and exercises which are beneficial for an active birth, the mindset necessary, the importance of relaxation in birth and how the body (hormones, the pelvis, the uterus and the baby) works so as to make birth comfortable and joyful. This is not a complete birth preparation course, rather it prepares for the actual birth.


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Thank you so much for supporting us birthworkers by giving this workshop. Now we know how to safely use esential oils with our mums.

It was very interactive. I liked that we were involved. And I like that the history was very effectively explained. Thank you for helping me add to my skills!


Now I know about essential oils and which oils will be effective with my mums. Thank you.

 I learnt many new things about essential oils and I got to smell new aromas. Thank you.

 I am very happy that I was able to participate in this workshop and learn new things about aromatherapy. Thanks.

I am so pleased to have been able to learn about all different oils and their benefits. I loved the workshop.