Momma Zen integrated aromatherapy massage 60 mins  190TL/ $100


This is a massage which has aspects of all the below types of massage and is tailored to the individual's wants and needs. It includes Thai massage performed on the table, aromatherapy massage, deep tissue and other massage techniques according to your needs. If you like, it can also include reiki for a more healing massage. It is performed with essential oils.


Types of massage


Deep tissue massage/Therapeutic massage 60 mins 190TL/$100


Deep tissue massage is a massage which is therapeutically beneficial. It is usually performed when there are muscular aches and pains, conditions such as frozen shoulder, neck pain, back pain, or other muscular pain. This massage uses remedial massage techniques to treat the problem. One technique is  trigger point therapy where a trigger point is found for a specific muscular complaint and pressed so as to release the muscle,  improve circulation to the area and release toxins and thereby relax the muscle. It is performed with essential oils.

Thai massage 60 mins 150TL $100, 90 mins 220TL/$130


Thai massage is a little different from other forms of massage. It is performed on a mat on the floor, wearing light comfortable clothing. It uses pressing movements and assisted passive stretching movements. It is often called lazy person's yoga as the passive stretching movements are based on yoga movements. The stretching aims to open up the range of movement and increase flexibility. Stretching not only helps the muscles but also the joints and helps to rid the body of accumulated tension and open up the body and facilitates the flow of the energy through the body. It is a synthesis of movement and massage. The massage is performed with fingers and thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet. Different techniques may be used as well, pressing of the palm, pressing of the thumb, chopping with both hands together, to name a few of the techniques. This type of massage can treat specific conditions  such as specific muscular pain but is especially well known for its ability to open up the energy channels in the body and after a Thai massage you feel very energised. In traditional Thai medicine it is believed that health problems result from imbalances of energy throughout the body.

Indian head massage 30 mins 95TL/ $60


Indian head massage (champissage) is a traditional form of massage which includes the upper back, shoulders, arms and neck too. It is a seated massage conducted without removing any clothing and takes around 30 minutes. It is especially beneficial for decreasing stress, re-energising and increasing concentration levels. It helps to alleviate headaches (especially tension headaches, but it can also prevent migraine headaches), muscular aches and pains in the upper back, neck and shoulders and promotes hair growth by stimulating the blood flow in the scalp. It also helps alleviate eyestrain, mental tiredness, insomnia, sinusitis, depression and anxiety. Although irregular sessions are still useful, for treatment of the above conditions, regular sessions (initially at weekly intervals) are needed for effective treatment. There are also the subtle benefits of chakra healing. Indian champissage also includes the benefits of the full body massage, such as relaxation and improved circulation.


In addition to the general contraindications of when massage should not be performed, Indian head massage should not be performed if there has been recent whiplash or head injury or at the beginning of a migraine attack (although Indian Champissage can help alleviate migraines, the massage should not be carried out when experiencing an acute attack).

Healing massage 60 mins 190TL/$100


This style of massage is a light relaxing massage combined with reiki. It is designed to heighten the body/mind/spirit connection. It is performed with essential oils.

Children's massage 30 mins 90TL/ $45


We sometimes idealise the life of a child, void of responsibility and full of fun. But just like adults, children get very stressed and can benefit from massage. Children have different stresses. They have the expectations of parents to deal with, workload from school, pressure of exams, peer pressure, bullying, stresses of a growing body. Whether you want to bring your child to have a massage or to attend a workshop to learn how to massage your child, you child will be eternally grateful for this gift of touch. According to research, children who are massaged are calmer, less agressive and can concentrate better. A session lasts for 30 minutes. A child might prefer a clothed massage such as Indian head massage or Thai massage. It is performed with essential oils.

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For someone with sleeping and concentration problems, the massage has helped me to fall into a state of rest when I sleep and has helped me focus on daily tasks. D.

During a time of intensive stress, I remained calm and experienced only minor levels of neckache thanks to Jo's weekly massage. When suffering from comparable levels of stress in the past, I experienced pains down both arms and in the lower back. However, the massages prevented this more advanced level of stress symptoms from developing.


I just wanted to share that i had an amazing massage experience with Jo Harris this morning, it was very relaxing, the choice of music and oil was beyond heart-felt. I was centered and peaceful afterwards, exactly how i wanted to be. I truly deeply recommend her to any of you who is longing for a unique massage experience. THANK YOU JO. Marwa