Soy candles

For those who like candles, yet don't like the idea of a petroleum product (paraffin) burning in your living room, soy candles might be the answer you are looking for. The wax is made from the natural , biodegradable and renewable source of soybean oil which is hydrogenated to make a hard wax.  It is much cheaper and actually cleaner burning than beeswax and much cleaner than paraffin and this is esepcially so when they soy wax is 100% pure and combined with essential oils and cotton wicks. Soy wax also has a longer burning time than paraffin and is very easy to clean up should there be a spill. Soy wax also has a better scent throw than paraffin, meaning that they produce more of an aroma. Momma Zen candles are hand poured and only pure non GMO soy wax  is used with cotton wicks and essential oils. No synthetic fragrances are used.


Soy melts

Soy melts are an alternative to buying bottles of essential oils for the oil burner. They are a small square of soy wax infused with the scent of essential oils. You put it in your essential oil burner, it melts and you burn it for an hour and enjoy the scent. It can last for weeks (around 10 nours) used like this. The oil burner needs to be a higher oil burner than a regular oil burner as the wax can burn to hot if the candle is to close to the wax melt.