Postnatal massage


Just as prenatal massage helped the body and the mind to adjust to pregnancy, postnatal massage helps the body to adjust to the postnatal state and increase energy and relaxation. It helps to speed the healing process, reduce any swelling which has remained from the pregnancy, digestive system issues, correct postural issues, reduce muscular tension and pain and joint pain. It also helps reduce scar tissue after a cesarean birth, stress and regulate hormones. Massage and essential oils are very nurturing and therefore excellent at decreasing anxiety and depression. As it is known, postnatal depression and anxiety can effect many women after birth due to the emotional demands on mothers, perceived or real lack of support, adjustments in relationships, lack of satisfaction from the birth experience and so on. Postnatal massage can also help mums to sleep better and relax. It can even help milk production with the release of prolactin, the breastfeeding hormone. 


You can have a postnatal massage as soon as you feel comfortable and the baby can be in the massage with you. We can accomodate the needs of the baby into the massage. This massage can also be performed at your home for an extra fee.


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60 mins $90/ 90mins $120 in Williamstown, Melbourne or receive the massage in your home (15km from Williamstown) 60mins $120/ 90mins $150