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The beautiful orange tree is now in flower. Its aroma is everywhere. There is a precious and amazing essential oil distilled from these flowers, but in this blog, I will write about the fruit instead, the humble orange. Not as inspiring as neroli essential oil (orange flower) but very useful nonetheless.

There are three types of orange essential oil; bitter orange, blood orange and sweet orange. Traditionally, dried bitter orange peels are large part of Traditional Chinese medicine.The orange originally comesfrom Asia, but was brought to Spain by the Arabs. The Arabs started distilling the Spanish bitter orange for the purpose of making perfume. Later, the Portuguese brought the sweet orange to Portugal and from there they were taken to America by Columbus. Now they are grown almost everywhere where the climate is mild, although commercially the oil is mainly produced in Brazil, USA and Israel. The essential oil is cold pressed from the peel of the orange. Unlike many other essential oils, the oil is quite abundant, and it only takes around 2 full orange peels to produce 1 gram of oil.

Orange oil is useful for many things. It is good for oily and puffy skin. It is good for bronchitis. It is also good for digestive issues including flatulence and constipation and it has tonic properties for the digestive system (which isone thing that the peel is used for in Traditional Chinese medicine). It helps reduce abdominal pain and the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. It can help simple water retention and detoxify the body. On a different level, orange oil is antibacterial, which makes it a good choice for cleaning products.

To my mind, the strongest effect of orange oil is emotional and it is a warming oil in this respect. It is the oil for joy. It is energizing, uplifting and increases happiness. It also very calming and good for ridding negativity. It is also a great antidepressive oil, and is especially helpful for postpartum depression. It also helps to decrease nervous tension and stress. It helps those who strive for perfection, it helps one to become more adaptable and easy going.

At the moment my favourite recipe for the oil burner is 5 drops of orange essential oil and 3 drops cardamom essential oil. So sweet and so warming.

Take one drop of orange essential oil and breathe it in and think about what this oil conjures up in your mind. Is it joy? Is it clearing some stuck energy? What effect does it have on you? I would be happy if you post a comment to let me know how orange oil effects you emotionally or energetically or how you like to use it.

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