"Tracks" a wonderful and inspiring film

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I just saw the most touching and wonderful film that I have seen for a long time, ‘Tracks’ which was shown as part of the Istanbul film festival. It tells the amazing story of Robyn Davidson who crossed the Australian desert from Alice Springs to the the West coast all alone, except for the accompaniment of an Australian aborginal elder for a little part through Aboriginal sacred sights and then the occasional meeting of the National Geographic photographer for photos. It is great to see this film to see what what happens when you follow your passion, what happens to you as a person when you follow your dreams and take a risk. As we all know, it is not the destination but the journey along the way which is important. Of course, being a HypnoBirthing instructor, I had to see something related to natural birth in the film (although this could be applied to any difficult journey/undertaking). There is a time in the film where she just wants to give up and wonders why she ever started the journey, which seems so crazy and so difficult, and she thinks about ending it unfinished. But all she needs is a little break, some support and then off she goes to complete her journey, just like the near completion stage in a natural birth! What amazing courage and determination! And I must add that the film is visually stunnning, but maybe that’s because I am Australian and love a wide sense of space and the barrenness of the desert, not to mention my love affair with camels! I found this extract from her book http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/starsandstories/10773102/Tracks-The-true-story-behind-the-film.html

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