Aromatherapy for the heart

Where there is love there is life. Mahatma Ghandi

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Valentine’s day is just a few days away. It is the traditional day to celebrate giving and getting love. So today, I would like to look at essential oils that have an affinity with the heart and help the flow of love. Love radiates from the centre of our being and warms us and those who are showered with our love. Love is not only something we give or receive from others, but most importantly we must give ourselves love. If we cannot give ourselves love, we also will not be able to give or receive from others. Love gives us the power to restore hope, trust, respect and compassion. Opening your heart, giving love to yourself and others and enabling the heart to receive love, gives us the power to live in harmony and joyfulness.

There are many oils which work with the heart. The ones I will talk about in this article are jasmine, rose, ylang ylang and some others. Different essential oils work with the heart in their own way. Some oils are great for cooling and overexcited heart while others are great for warming a cold heart.

Let’s start with the classic oil for love; rose.

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Rose is the traditional association with love and it was Aphrodite’s (the Greek goddess of love) symbol. Rose essential oil is great for opening our heart more for others and ourselves. It supports the heart and has restorative powers. It is also useful for heart palpitations. Rose nurtures and restores the heart, allowing it to open up again. It is great for deep anxiety and the fear of losing control as well as the feeling of abandonment. Rose oil is very good for restoring self-esteem and giving a sense of security. It is also an excellent oil for those experiencing sadness or who have resentment in their heart. Rose gives compassion and understanding and increases love. Rose is good for highly sensitive people.

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Jasmine is a symbol of love in Indian culture and mythology. It is great for warming the heart and feeling joy and enthusiasm. It is also good for bringing our emotions and senses together and letting go of vulnerability in order to express warmth. It is good for those who have grown emotionally cold. Jasmine brings hope and dispels fear and heartache.

Ylang ylang essential oil is another calm and supportive oil for the heart and is traditionally classified as an aphrodisiac. It helps ease nervous tension, palpitations and rapid heartbeat. It is a very calming oil. It is also useful for those who who closed their heart due to fear and anxiety as it opens the heart to positive emotions and lets emotions flow more freely. It helps harmonize emotions with our sensual nature, helping us to experience joy. Ylang ylang is very good for anxiety in general but also sexual anxiety. It increases a feeling of togetherness and increases libido. It relaxes the central nervous system and promotes love.

When the issue is an overexcited heart, lavender and neroli are good calming oils as they help to calm excessive anxiety, panic and overwhelming emotions. Neroli essential oil is also good for sexual anxiety and anxiety about the body. It helps to confront emotional fears. Lavender is similar to neroli in that it calms the heart and is a very comforting oil and brings love.

Patchouli essential oil is an aphrodisiac. It helps the mind to relax, accept pleasure and release fear. It is a very warming and sensual oil.

Cardamom essential oil helps increase the desire for intimacy and let go of past hurts as well as become more trusting. It is very warming.

Ginger essential oil is a very warming oil and heats up the libido and cold emotions. It brings love.

Geranium essential oil helps to open up and receive love. It is also an aphrodisiac.

Palmarosa essential oil is nourishing for the heart.

Rosemary essential oil is a tonic for the heart helping to increase self-esteem and it warms the apathetic heart. It also promotes love.

Sweet marjoram essential oil was associated with Aphrodite and helps to nurture oneself. It is very soothing and comforting and it can also release deep trauma.

A great way for aromatherapy to be used for opening the heart are baths, massage and body oils.

Celebrate this valentine’s day and open your heart with a blend of some of the above oils.

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