How natural birth helps your baby have the best start to life


On the 15th February at Momma Zen a new HypnoBirthing class will be starting. The cost has been reduced to 550TL+KDV which includes the birth partner’s attendance (husband or supportive friend/family member), the original book and cd of HypnoBirthing, the Mongan Method, as this is the first HypnoBirthing class for 2014 and it will start one day after Valentine’s day (and love is how the baby was formed in the first place!). The course will run for 5 sessions at 3-6pm Saturdays. See for registration or for contact details

There are many things that you can learn from the HypnoBirthing class. You learn about the physiology of birth and how our body works to make a natural birth not only possible but comfortable and even joyful. You dehypnotise yourself from all the negatives surrounding birth in our society. You learn to release fear. You learn useful massage techniques to raise endorphins and different birthing positions so as to make birth comfortable. You learn the importance of communicating in a mutual way with your caregiver. You think about what is important for you and your baby in birth and how to make these a priority in the birth. Your partner learns how he or she can support you in the most beneficial and fulfilling way. You learn the importance of relaxing during birth and how to be relaxed whatever your environment.

HypnoBirthing has statistics which show how HypnoBirthing mothers have fared in their birthing. It shows less incidences of routine interventions, less issues in pregnancy such as pre-eclampsia, better bonding with the baby, less surgical birth, less preterm and underweight births, more alert babies ready to breastfeed immediately after birth and no cases of postpartum depression.

All of these details should have you rushing to the next HypnoBirthing course! But maybe you are still wondering why you should have a natural birth! Ever thought about not only the joy that you derive from giving birth naturally, the feeling of accomplishment of such a feat (although it is a most amazing event, it is not a walk in the park and they don’t call it labour for nothing!), but there are profound benefits for the baby. First of all the surges (contractions) of the uterus are like a whole body massage for your baby (and who wouldn’t want that?) but with a vaginal birth your baby picks up the valuable bacteria from the mother that the baby needs for their immune system. In the ideal birth, they also have direct skin to skin contact with the mother, which also gains the baby more bacteria, and then the baby, which is alert from having a natural birth, then starts breastfeeding immediately which gives even more bacteria! Of course in our sterile world we think bacteria is bad, but this bacteria is very important for the baby in establishing immunity and now scientists have found just how important all of this bacteria is. They are researching the human microbiome (how we are more microbe than human) and have started to find how this alters with birth interventions and non vaginal birth and have linked these to the growth in noncommunicable diseases (asthma, auto-immune dieases and so on). You can see a detailed article with a link to a wonderful and informative video on this here and you can also see a campaign to produce a film from the One World Birth project about microbirth which is a very worthy project to create awareness about natural birth and the immunity system and why birth has to become more of an issue in the world.

And by the way, did you know that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middelton, gave royal birth to the future king reportedly using HypnoBirthing, the Mongan Method?

See you at the next HypnoBirthing class!

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