Earth day April 22, 2015

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." -- Native American Proverb The founder of earth day was Gaylord Nelson, a US senator. His aim was to raise consciousness about water and air pollution and with his idea, it gained enough momentum to get 20 million Americans involved in earth-saving activites on that first earth day. There were many demonstrations all over the US protesting the state of the environment, industrial pollution and environmental disasters such as oil spills but also the use of pesticides and the loss of wilderness. The success of the first earth day, led to the passage of laws to lesssen water and air pollution and protect wildlife

Springtime: a time for shedding our winter skin

This winter has been long and cold and all winter long we have been encasing our bodies in warm clothes, tights and the like to keep ourselves warm. Many of us have been having long hot showers to warm up at the beginning of a cold day. Maybe we have even been sitting in front of radiators just to get that extra bit of warmth. Either way, indoors has been subjecting our skin to dry heat and outdoors has been just as harsh with the cold temperatures and winds. All of these elements dehydrate our skin. As well as being dehydrated, if we have not been taking proper care of our skin in the winter (because nobody really sees it anyway, we might be thinking), it might be so reptilian-like that we