Don’t put any of that lye in my soap!

Some people, who know that I make natural soap, will say something like ‘it is so great that you don’t use lye (sodium hydroxide) in your soap’…sorry what was that, I ask. They will reply with something like ‘well you know, you make natural soap, everything is natural, there are no chemicals inside and so there can’t be any lye inside’. Well, I hate to tell you this but everything that exists in this world is chemical in its most basic sense. In this blog I would like to tell you that BECAUSE I make natural soap it does and indeed must include lye, but actually there is no lye in the cured soap. So maybe we should start by looking at what lye (its chemical name is Sodium Hydroxide) actually

Little things that love children’s scalps

In Istanbul at the moment, there are a crazy number of lice around. Many children are affected as are many schools. So I thought I would write this post for those of you with small children. Head lice need a warm environment and a blood source to thrive. They don’t care whether the hair is clean or whether it is dirty. So don’t think that the children who might have lice have dirty hair or scalp or something else which causes the lice to be attracted to them. Lice do not care! Lice or Pediculus humanus capitis live on scalps and suck the blood from the scalp. A female louse lays up to 10 eggs a day and it takes these eggs around 10 days to hatch. The eggs attach themselves to the start of th

anxiety and essential oils- part 2

So you read the last blog about anxiety but then you were left wondering about which essential oils to use and how to use them. There are many oils which can help to reduce anxiety, but as you can see below, all the oils have a different angle on the treatment on anxiety. Next to the English name of the oil is the latin name which is very important when using essential oils for therapy. You can choose oils according to how they help anxiety and/or by which oils you actually like the smell of. Obviously, if you are using essential oils to treat anxiety, it is very important that you use high quality pure essential oils. Also, if you scroll down to the bottom of this post, there are some blend