The rose in history – part 2 of the rose series

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose; By any other name would smell as sweet.” – William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet The rose is the most classic and enduring symbol of love, purity and beauty. It is considered by many to be the supreme of all flowers. Of the roses, Rosa damsacena is considered to be one of the finest, especially when it comes to its unrivalled perfume. There are 3 main aromatic roses and they are Rosa damascena, which is believed to have originated in Syria and thus the name damascena from the city Damascus, Rosa gallica, which is believed to have originated in central Asia, and Rosa Centifolia (meaning 100 petals), which is believed to have originated in Persia.

Rose oil- part 1 of a 3 part series- the harvest and the distillation

Last weekend I had the good fortune of being able to go to the rose district of Turkey, Isparta, for two days and directly see and experience rose picking and the distillation of the precious rose oil. I was even able to stay with a rose picking family who have their own rose gardens outside their house. This is the first part of a series of 3 articles. This article is about my experience with the rose harvest and the distillation, and the other two will be about the history of rose and the uses of rose oil. Rose essential oil is one of the world’s most expensive essential oils. In Turkey, in 2013, 1 kg of rose oil cost 7000 Euro, which means that 100g cost 700 Euro and just a tiny 10grams c