Orange essential oil

The beautiful orange tree is now in flower. Its aroma is everywhere. There is a precious and amazing essential oil distilled from these flowers, but in this blog, I will write about the fruit instead, the humble orange. Not as inspiring as neroli essential oil (orange flower) but very useful nonetheless. There are three types of orange essential oil; bitter orange, blood orange and sweet orange. Traditionally, dried bitter orange peels are large part of Traditional Chinese medicine.The orange originally comesfrom Asia, but was brought to Spain by the Arabs. The Arabs started distilling the Spanish bitter orange for the purpose of making perfume. Later, the Portuguese brought the sweet orange

On motherhood

Motherhood is never something that I dreamed of for myself. I went through life as a teenager promising my parents that I would never have children and this even continued into adulthood. Unlike most of my friends, I never dreamed or even thought of having a child of my own. I had little contact with children and didn’t go out of my way to have any more. And then I hit the age of 30. I had a boyfriend at the time who did want to have children but I thought about my future life with him at home with children. I did not find it at all attractive and I got out of the relationship. Then I found myself a few years later actually thinking about children. I guess this is what people call the biolog