Using natural oils for skin care- food for skin

Why use natural oils for skin care? Natural, unrefined, cold pressed vegetable and seed oils are high in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. It is like feeding your body with high quality food and natural ingredients only; food for your skin. They are also very moisturising, nourishing and healing for the skin. Natural oils are great for skin care because they don’t need anything else to be applied to your skin. Nothing added, nothing toxic, nothing synthetic, just natural oil. Creams and lotions have to contain emulsifiers and preservatives of some type, even if they are the natural type. Natural oils don’t need to contain anything at all to make them great protectors and feeders

Tulip festival time in Istanbul

April in Istanbul is always lovely. Not only because it is spring, because that in itself is lovely. But because it is tulip festival time. The tulip festival started in 2006 and apparently costs millions very year. For the 2014 festival, around 5 million Turkish Lira was spent ($2.5 million) and more than 200 varieties were planted everywhere in various parks, totaling around 20 million plants, even more than the population of Istanbul. However, some sources say that during the Ottoman empire, there were as many as 1800 different varieties. Apparently, in the 1700s there were also tulip festivals in Istanbul. According to one source, the festival guests would have to wear a colour that harm

"Tracks" a wonderful and inspiring film

I just saw the most touching and wonderful film that I have seen for a long time, ‘Tracks’ which was shown as part of the Istanbul film festival. It tells the amazing story of Robyn Davidson who crossed the Australian desert from Alice Springs to the the West coast all alone, except for the accompaniment of an Australian aborginal elder for a little part through Aboriginal sacred sights and then the occasional meeting of the National Geographic photographer for photos. It is great to see this film to see what what happens when you follow your passion, what happens to you as a person when you follow your dreams and take a risk. As we all know, it is not the destination but the journey along

Essential oils for a spring detox

Spring is here and the blossoms are opening everywhere, trees are budding and it is so beautiful. Spring is my favourite month. It means renewal, a fresh start and of course the end of winter. Many people like to detox when the spring comes and unless you have a serious illness or are pregnant or breastfeeding, or a child or otherwise unsuited to fasting, you might like to consider doing a detox before the weather warms up too much. We live in an urban environment and no matter how healthy we might think we are, there are toxins building up in our system. There is the food that we eat, especially processed and junk food. There are the toxins that come from products that we use on our skin th