confessions of a qi gong teacher

I asked Ergül Ergün what had prompted her to start doing qi gong and I thought it was a pretty interesting story, so here I have printed it for all to read. Ergül teaches qi gong on Friday mornings in our studio at Kalamış, Istanbul (annezen/ Momma Zen). Thank you Ergül. If you would like to join the class, please send an email to or see our contact details on My Beloved Spine I started to develop a bad posture when I was a teenager. My mum, my dad, my elderly relatives and my teachers kept telling me endlessly to ‘stand upright’. This sentence still echoes in my mind. Yet I developed even worse posture by trying to be ‘upright’, m

Aromatherapy for the heart

Where there is love there is life. Mahatma Ghandi Valentine’s day is just a few days away. It is the traditional day to celebrate giving and getting love. So today, I would like to look at essential oils that have an affinity with the heart and help the flow of love. Love radiates from the centre of our being and warms us and those who are showered with our love. Love is not only something we give or receive from others, but most importantly we must give ourselves love. If we cannot give ourselves love, we also will not be able to give or receive from others. Love gives us the power to restore hope, trust, respect and compassion. Opening your heart, giving love to yourself and others and ena

How natural birth helps your baby have the best start to life

On the 15th February at Momma Zen a new HypnoBirthing class will be starting. The cost has been reduced to 550TL+KDV which includes the birth partner’s attendance (husband or supportive friend/family member), the original book and cd of HypnoBirthing, the Mongan Method, as this is the first HypnoBirthing class for 2014 and it will start one day after Valentine’s day (and love is how the baby was formed in the first place!). The course will run for 5 sessions at 3-6pm Saturdays. See for registration or for contact details There are many things that you can learn from the HypnoBirthing class. You learn about the physiology of bir