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Baby yogasaj is a class which combines massage and yoga for babies and relaxation for mums (or dads/or carers). The practise of baby yoga and massage has a history of around 2000 years in India of which the greatest benefit is forging a stronger bond between parent and baby.

Baby yoga is a combination of movement, holds and relaxation to both calm and stimulate babies, while baby massage is relaxing for both baby and parent and nurturing for the baby. Baby massage helps to develop bodily systems, such as the digestive system, the circulatory system and the immune system. Both yoga and massage give the baby great relief from various physical discomforts such as gas problems, teething pain, constipation and many others. Not only are there baby yoga and massage techniques to have fun with, but there is basic movement (from yoga) and breathing and relaxation for parents.

Research has shown that babies benefit from especially baby massage but also baby yoga with better growth, better sleep patterns and less crying and what has also been shown through research is that it helps mothers overcome postnatal depression or simple postnatal blues.

This is a weekly class where we combine movement with massage techniques and songs and rhythm. Every week we add new techniques to what we have already learnt. Once there is a basic knowledge, we will look at massage techniques which will help to prevent and heal specific illnesses, such as colds, sinus problems, strengthening the immune system, constipation. We will also look at using aromatherapy to help heal basic problems.

This class is an excellent way of bonding with your baby, understanding your baby better, getting your baby active, and helping his/her body and an enjoyable way to introduce healthy living into you and your baby’s life.

This class is suitable for babies from 4 weeks of age to crawling.

This class is held weekly at 11.15-11.30 in Kalamiş. One class is 40TL a series of 4 classes is 150TL.

Please phone Jo on 0536 8285587 to reserve your spot.

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