Using aromatherapy with babies and children

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Although the occasional use of some essential oils is beneficial and safe for babies, they should not be exposed regularly to essential oils; this also includes from the mother, especially for when she is nursing, as it is thought that essential oils are absorbed into the bloodstream and from there into the breast milk.


Baths: under 6 months- add 1 drop of essential oil to 1 tablespoon of full cream milk and mix well into water. Only use chamomile, lavender, mandarin, petitgrain, rosalina or neroli essential oils. The hydrosols of these oils (plant waters which are a byproduct of the distillation process of essential oils) can also be used in the bath with babies.


6-18 months- add two drops of the above essential oils and follow the recommendations above.


over 18 months can be exposed to the same dosage as that for children but read the cautions for essential oils carefully as some essential oils should not be used with young children.


Massage: For babies under 6 months add only 1 drop of essential oil to 30 ml of oil, from 6-18 months add 2 or 3 drops to 30ml of oil. Use only the oils recommended in the bath section above. Click here to see cautions for essential oils.


The following oils can be used with babies under 18 months:


  • chamomile (roman)

  • lavender

  • mandarin

  • petitgrain

  • neroli

  • rosalina


The following essential oils can be used with children 18 months-5 years: Add 5 drops per 30ml of carrier oil.


  • eucalyptus (Eucalyptus smithii only)

  • grapefruit

  • palmarosa

  • myrtle

  • tea tree


The following oils can be used with children over 5 years of age at a third of the adult dose (1% for massage):

  • clary sage

  • eucalyptus

  • ginger

  • peppermint

  • rosemary


The following oils can be used on children over 7 years of age at a half of the adult dose (1.5% for massage):

  • basil

  • cypress

  • sweet fennel

  • frankincense

  • rose

  • marjoram


At the age of 12 children may use the adult dose of essential oils.


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