Aromatherapy consultations


Maybe you have been handed a diagnosis from your doctor, or maybe you just want to embark on a path to wellness. Whatever your situation, an aromatherapy consultation could be a very effective step on your way to wellness. The aim of the consultation is to create aromatherapy synergies to integrate into your life and empower you to take control of your wellness.


What happens in a consultation?


First, I get you to fill out personal information. Because I work as an holistic therapist, I ask you many questions about your health in general, your stress levels, your emotional situation and energy levels. We then look at the history of your health and then focus on any specific health concerns or your goals and expectations from the consultation. The aim is to create aromatherapy products that will help you on your journey to complete wellness. According to your health issues, I will then get you to smell different essential oils, so as to make blends that are attractive to you. We will also talk about different ways to use the oils so that the products fit into your lifestyle.


What type of health issues can aromatherapy help ?


Aromatherapy is not a medical treatment, it is a complementary therapy. As such, it can help with many issues. Some examples are:

  • headaches

  • emotional issues (anxiety, concentration, grief, fear, etc,)

  • stress/exhaustion

  • menstrual complaints (inc. menopause)

  • skin complaints (acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc.)

  • pregnancy or postnatal issues

  • birth

  • digestive issues

  • respiratory issues (cold &flu, sinusitus, congestion, bronchitis, etc.)

  • immune system complaints

  • sleeping issues

  • concentration

  • fertility issues


The cost of a consultation is $50 for 30 mins or $100 for 60mins. The price of the products is not included in the consultation price. The products will be custom made after the consultation and will be available to be picked up 1-2 days (or on agreement) after the consultation. Jo is a member of IFPA (International federation of professional aromatherapists).