Jo Harris has been teaching HypnoBirthing since being trained in 2009.

It all started with her own pregnancy in 2008 when she first heard of HypnoBirthing. That pregnancy unfortunately ended in a miscarriage but her interest in HypnoBirthing continued to grow. Jo got pregnant again soon after and took HypnoBirthing classes. That same year when Jo was heavily pregnant, she had the opportunity to attend a HypnoBirthing Marie Mongan method training and utilised this training along with the classes taken earlier to birth her own child. At that that stage, living in Turkey (which has extremely high intervention and caesarean rates), she really found her calling to help women become empowered to birth in the way that they wanted and not what was convenient for their caregivers or the hospital, so she enlisted the support of a now well-known naturally oriented obstetrician in Istanbul and proceeded to train many parents to make better choices, be better prepared for a natural birth and to be more empowered during their birth. It all started with a mum who was birthing her second child, determined to have a natural vaginal birth after her first birth ended in a ceasarean section (VBAC). And this first birth was a very successful natural birth with the mum & dad feeling very empowered & satisfied.

Since then Jo has continued her training in childbirth education (CAPPA) and teaching active birth (Janet Balaskas).

Jo has trained many parents in HypnoBirthing both in Istanbul and in Melbourne in both group classes and private sessions.

As well as teaching HypnoBirthing, Jo is also an aromatherapist and formulates natural aromatherapy and skincare products (soularoma.com.au aromazennaturals.com.au). She is a qualified remedial massage therapist specialising in pregnancy massage (nurturedbirth.com.au) and teaches baby massage.


Training and certificates


Current Member of IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists)

2013 Teaching Active Birth- Janet Balaskas

2013 CAPPA Childbirth educator- CAPPA

2012 Reiki 1&2

2012 Koshi balancing & Sei tai Shiatsu- Jeffrey Dann

2012 Diploma in kid's yoga- Rainbow Kids Yoga

2011 Baby yoga certificate- Birthlight

2011 Massage & pregnancy diploma- Well mother

2011 Aromatherapy in pregnancy- Penny Price Aromatherapy

2011 Aromatherapy for babies and children- Penny Price Aromatherapy

2011 Teaching English to small children- British Side

2009 Certificate in Hypnobirthing -The Mongan Method

2009 Diploma in remedial massage - Australian College of Massage

2008 Certified infant massage instructor- International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM)

2008 Certificate in massage- Australian College of Massage

2007 Diploma in Thai massage- Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai

2006 Diploma in aromatherapy in pregnancy - aromatherapy-studies (Gabriel Mojay)

2006 Therapeutic massage- The SEED institute

2006 - Diploma in aromatherapy & IFPA conversion -The SEED institute

2006 Diploma in Aromatherapy- Westcoast Institute of Aromatherapy

2006 Diploma in Indian Head Massage - Institute of Indian Head Massage

2002 Master of Linguistics

1997 Certificate in Teaching English language to Adults

1995 Bachelor of arts- English & Film