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Welcome to Momma-Zen! Momma-Zen specialises in massage and aromatherapy services for women and pregnant women. I am a therapist trained in aromatherapy and massage, including pregnancy massage, Thai massage, Indian head massage, deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy. I am also a baby massage and yoga instructor and HypnoBirthing instructor. I first started playing with aromatherapy oils 20 years ago and found that these incredibly powerful tools can help with many physical and mental discomforts. A little later on a trip to Thailand I discovered massage and how wonderful it was and thereafter embarked upon formal education in both aromatherapy and massage. I have been trained in institutes in Canada, England, Thailand and Australia. Later on I developed an interest in serving the special needs of women, especially pregnant women and sought training so that I could specialise in this very special population. My own birth and intense desire for it to be natural led me on the path to become a HypnoBirthing instructor, not only for my own benefit but so that I could also show other women that birth does not always need to be a medical event.

Another aim at Momma-Zen is to increase mindfulness in terms of using natural skincare products and techniques, rather than commercial skincare products, which may contain unnecessary ingredients, some being toxic, which we expose ourselves to unknowingly every day. Thank you for visiting Momma-Zen.


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